We are professional english speaking drivers (owner operators) with over 15 years of experience behind us who pick you up on time and safety transport you to your destination.


Here you will find the best in comfort, safe, reliable, trustful, personalized attention and of course, with vast experience in handling passengers and first hand knowledge destinations in the city or out of the town, so will be a pleasure for us to suggest you a variety of intaresting and wonderful places to visit. Our prices are unmatched by any other in the business

Hot Spots


Drinking and Driving ia a dangerous combination. That’s why VIP Transfers take you to any place and bring you back, so you can drink like and have much more fun, without worrying about how getting back to your house or hotel.



Go to your favorite night club or casino with out a deadline! Only with VIP Transfers.


With our schedule of shows, you can choose the one that more satisfies you. Go and come back with us, and most of all: have a good time !


At any time, anywhere in San José, see your favorite movie or play with VIP Transfers transport.


If you come, or you are already in Costa Rica to participate in exhibitions, conventions, encounters or courses, don’t worry about your transport !. VIP Transfers will have pleasure to take you and to wait for you in all the necessary events, so your stay in our friendly country will be simply the best.